An inexpensive in-car, track wide wireless flagging system for racing series small to large.

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Safety : Improved

The Flagtronics Race Flagging system is intended to increase safety, save lives and increase race awareness both inside and outside the vehicle. With rapid in car notification of changing course and sector conditions safety officials can have added peace of mind drivers have been notified of hazards on course.

Penalties : Minimized

With continuous real-time updates about the state of the track we hope to make passing under yellow penalties a thing of the past and increase driver awareness.

Coverage : Maximized

By utilizing our own stand-alone long-range wireless platform coverage at each track can be tailored to fit that track's unique topography; operating free from the often spotty and congested cellular networks found at many race tracks.

Pit Timing & Incident Reporting

Through use of an accurate GPS signal time spent in the pits can be easily tracked for series where minimum pit times are required. Additionally a stopped or off course vehicle can report it's location to race control for retrieval. Vehicles not slowing down appropriately for flags may be detected and so their teams may be notified.

Enhanced Visibility

With an auto-dimming in-car sunlight visible display our system is essential for keeping track of changing race conditions during endurance racing in dark, foggy, raining, night time or all of the above conditions. To further improve visibility tracks may provide bright panels per corner.

Simple & Expandable Installation

A basic install takes just minutes requiring only USB or 12V power, placement of a GPS antenna and mounting of the display. Take your install to the next level with CAN bus integration to tie into your existing programmable dash or connect to your supported phone or tablet.

Real-Time Flexibility

Officials can send custom flags and messages to individual cars notifying them of events like black flags or pit requests. They may also create on demand flags for session reminders or to control timing while concurrently monitoring the status of each corner from stewards spread across the track. Course wide flag status is also web accessible making it easy to simple to track changing conditions from a variety of devices.

Low Cost

Providing low up front & recurring costs for organizers, tracks as well as inexpensive, reliable, in-car hardware for racers our goal is to make state of the art safety improvements accessible to every team & organization.


In car displays maintain a log all messages received with GPS timestamps so they can be easily audited to verify reception of messages.

Flexible Series Options

Series may add custom features tailored to their needs such as real-time telemetry to monitor the location and performance of all cars on track.

Team Strategy & Visibility

A display box can also be used by teams in the pits to keep tabs on course conditions and aid in the coordination of pit strategies without the need of an internet connection that may not be present or reliable at many tracks.

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